Project Management

Project Management

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End to end management of challenging technology projects.
Leveraging talented. the right, highly-skilled individuals, strong relationships with world-leading vendors, and proven success, we help customers to manage the complexities associated with project management.
We maintain a clear focus on team leadership, customer advocacy, process and procedures, and a commitment to service in all of our engagements.

Delivering expert-level IT project management services and tech consulting to improve the performance, effectiveness, and consistency of your business.


– Define Problem and Gather Requirements

We define the problem you’re trying to solve and the value in solving it. We build business cases for your project and focus on what you want the customer to be able to do.  Our approach to defining a problem is by asking the 5 whys. We ensure that we took all the business and technology requirements into consideration, and have a clearly defined roadmap in terms of how the solution will work in your environment. To build a shared understanding of the project’s main objective, scope, value, timing, and decision ownership we initiate the project kick-off. 

– Build the project team

Whether you have your project team or will work with our development team, we will gather required people with the needed skills to execute the project. Our talents have a variety of backgrounds and problem-solving styles. At this stage we agree on prioritization criteria and responsibilities. Understand who’s accountable for which specific decisions. Manage project resources including procuring project staff, developing, motivating, coaching, and advising.

– Solution

We use our problem solving skills to create specific solution and how to implement them. We decide… and how the customer will interact with the final product. Mindmapping and other frameworks for idea generation.

– define KPI

We will agree on measurable outcomes to shoot for, and metrics to track the progress of your project. 


We take iterative approach to planning. We define project’s scope. keeping your success metrics in mind, we prioritize milestones, features, themes or outcomes. We identify the possible trade-offs. We assign the work through our PM tools with tasks, subtasks, folders, templates, workflows, and calendars. Partner with Product Managers and Product Owners to develop roadmaps. Develop, track and manage project budget, project plans, timelines, and scope. A Project Manager understands every technical detail well enough to estimate its value for the overall success of the project. Realistic Schedule Creation. Correct estimation of time needed for project implementation is important to keep the project on schedule and within budget. Software Development Lifecycle Planning. Before starting the project, our managers will provide you with detailed development strategy. Knowing the entire plan, you as a client will be able to make adjustments, track the work in process or manage it yourself, if needed.


manage dependencies

We identify the items that depend on work, resources, or assets from outside the core project team. We map those out, noting who will own each piece of work and when they’re available to do it. Define each person’s role and reponsansibility on the project, and what’s needed of them. Coordination of Team Work. 

roadmap and backlog

We break down the project plan into pieces of work, and estimate the time and effort required for each. Then, we establish target completion dates.  We make the  backlog grooming easy, we re-prioritize your user stories and bugs.  Partner closely with other members of functional project teams to define business requirements.We are able to exercise judgment in an ever- changing environment and to manage competing priorities


We identify possible risks and prepare mitigation plans. Delivering expert-level IT project management services and tech consulting to improve the performance, effectiveness, and consistency of your business.  Our Project Management Consultants also have experience in project recovery, specifically identifying and implementing key changes to return projects to time and budgetary performance.

 communications plan

We establish a cadence for team meetings and updates to stakeholders. We will schedule recurring meetings for stand-ups and update the project plan and dashboard. Using our PM tools you will be able to assign tasks, add comments, organize dashboards, and proof or approve changes. We define the PM process for smooth collaboration. This ensures Project Managers and delivery engineers provide a common structured approach, which is both transparent and consistent.


Ensure appropriate systems development and project management processes are being utilized.. We work in 1-2-weeks iterations and present a demo to the stakeholders at the end of each cycle. This allows us to smoothly implement agile methodology to plan, execute and get quick feedback before the next iteration. Sprint planning and retrospectives are the main activities during the execution. Scrum framework: sprint planning, stand ups (also called daily scrums), sprints, and retrospectives.Sprint planning meetings determine what the team should complete in the coming sprint from the backlog, or list of work to be done. The backlog becomes the center of our sprint planning meeting, where we can estimate stories, adjust sprint scope and re-prioritize issues in real-time

We create useful Workflows to manage bugs, stories and epics.

Track your progress

We track completed tasks, how much of the budget remains, and whether you’re on track to meet your target delivery date. View progress in a dashboard. Track and assess productivity and growth through resource management and reporting.  prepares daily and/or weekly reports for you to keep an eye on the project. Identifying and measuring key metrics and performance indicators to ensure that every project receives proper attention

Test and incorporate feedback

At the end of each iteration cycle, we will present the updated demo to reflect the work completed, and show it to stakeholders. We will capture the feedback to take into consideration when planning the next iteration or re-work the current. We set automatic warnings generated for issues with broken builds, missing code, or open pull requests. Facilitate the User Acceptance Testing process, developing rollout plans and procedures.


Lead teams of developers in the delivery of high-quality software solutions that meet business needs. When we deliver the MVP we get project acceptance in writing. Close out the project, document it and include analysis of our learnings from this project (e.g. what whet well/wrong (retrospectives)where to spend or save money on similar projects in the future). Continuous improvement on project delivery. build right , right built

  • Planning/scheduling
  • Collaboration
  • Documentation
  • Evaluation

Our tools let us:

  • Requirement tracking
  • Task delegation and tracking
  • Real-time collaboration capabilities
  • Document sharing and management
  • Customizable workflows
  • Time tracking
  • Bug, issue, and defect tracking system
  • Reporting and Visualization




Save time with our project management services. Our project managers will undertake the hardest work of coordinating the working process to implement your idea. A project manager can get onboard at any stage of the project, but it is always better to work with the team from the initiation  estimation of your project.


 Our project manager will:


lead the project from inception to delivery to support of the released product;

determine the requirements for project implementation;

Building relationships with key stakeholders


Allocating resources

create and maintain technical and project documentation;

Assessing team capabilities 

assign individual responsibilities within the team;

manage the day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control;

Communicating progress and restrictions

Researching external factors to effectively predict, prevent and/or solve project issues.

Managing risk and threats

Testing solutions


When you need a project manager:

When you are short on resources or don’t have access to the skills or required.


We help you to ensure that your outcomes are achieved.


Leveraging a team of highly skilled experts, years of experience and best-practice methodologies.
Our Project Management services span consultation, strategy and design, through to implementation, assessment, and optimisation.  We use Agile Project management methodology to ensure consistency across all delivery teams nationally.



 examines the feasibility of implementing a specific technology solution.including; the technologies required, specific skills, sourcing strategy, etc.


 Effective IT project management practices can strengthen your business by optimizing internal procedures, resources, and technologies to better achieve your goals.


IT project management is the complex process of planning out an IT-related project from start-to-finish, including the organization, execution, and final analysis of its performance. These projects are ultimately taken in order to bring about real, beneficial change to your business, as well as create added value. 


unique skills and strategies to cater to each specific use-case.


Utilizing an experienced, outsourced IT project manager to oversee a new technology-based project comes with a host of benefits for businesses.


new venture into information technology, making sure that every IT project is completed successfully and delivered with exceptional quality. We can help your organization manage individual IT projects or even more complex systems, to reduce costs, as well as improve delivery, leadership visibility, and overall performance.


project manager is the glue that binds every part of a seamless IT project together – the driver and main means of guidance for your whole experience.


An IT project manager is responsible for all aspects of taking a plan from conception to completion, making sure every last step and detail is accounted for. With a responsibility to not only plan the IT project process but also keep team members on track for deadlines and budget restrictions.


With our proven methodology that’s tailored to incorporate elements and requirements of your technology project. With this simple framework in place, we’re able to deliver project management services that work for every enterprise or small business.


Outsourcing IT Project Management Services for Your Business

IT projects that are on-time, under budget, and emphasize continuous improvement and satisfaction overall. With our methodology framework and tools in place, we are able to achieve optimal value. For projects large and small, complex and extensive, our experts can leverage extensive project experience to provide better, faster, more affordable IT project management services.


Our approach to IT project management is always catered specifically to the needs of our customers, making every project experience unique. We do project scoping and planning, program scheduling, change management and the management of other professional disciplines.


Our skilled IT project managers will bring your company’s information technology project goals to life