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Solutions driven features from ideation to launch

We help optimize your business processes and automate your workflows.

Solid Business Consulting



We define the problem, and gather business requirements


We offer solutions and document the requirements


We validate solutions with real users feedback and behavior.


We conduct user interview, market research to gather insights about an existing problem and the needs. We employ a variety of approaches to collect and document business, functional and user requirements such as leading workshops, questionnaires, site visits, storyboards, surveys, site visits when necessary. We will also review your existing business process descriptions, use cases, scenarios, business and technical requirements analysis. 

We translate business requirements into detailed user stories, features, and epics. We write use cases, create context diagrams, performing stakeholder analysis, document current and future optimized business process models, define business and functional requirements analysis, cross-functional needs, and system capabilities.


We create process models, design new business models, business roadmap, workflows storyboards, write specifications, diagrams, and charts to provide direction to both business stakeholders and project teams. Through our analysis we do all the mapping and modelling of key/critical business processes and  prioritize business requirements from the roadmap.

We develop detailed workflow artifacts detailing operational, data, process, and system flows. Through our methodology development we establish the deliverables and define success and quality attributes, external interfaces, constraints, and other nonfunctional requirements for the solution.


We drive product demos with range of potential business stakeholders. We conduct a variety of usability and behavioural  tests and develop preliminary findings for review by our experienced analysts. We also assist in the development of standards and procedures or knowledge base. We can standard information systems theories, concepts and techniques, as well as innovative, out of the box approaches using critical and design thinking.


Cross Functional Collaboration

We build and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders to represent cross business requirements to drive a viable solution for all stakeholders.  We agree on scope, functional requirements, success, constraints, deployment requirements, risks and validation procedures to implement custom software or extensions and application integrations to satisfy business requirements. We rally a cross-functional team of engineers, architects, testers, integration developers, UX designers, marketers, sales, IT, accounting and finance to ship world-class products.


We deliver expert-level business analysis services and tech consulting to improve the performance, effectiveness, and consistency of your business.

We adhere to best practices and solutions design standards, with an emphasis on maximizing out-of-the-box solutions.

We agree on measurable outcomes and metrics to track the progress of your project. 

We will support trouble-shooting issues and implementing small to medium enhancements.




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A complimentary meeting provides the opportunity to discuss your goals, and see how we can work together.

Time, Budget and Talent Details

To better understand the scope off work we would need to know the resources we have to work with.


Your privacy is very important to us therefore an NDA agreement can be signed before we discuss any product or project details.